Friday, August 8, 2008

Jemputan Khas - "Jangan Sakitiku Lagi, tolonglah "- Teater Abstrak

The abstract theatre
Event : Festival Kesenian Kanak-Kanak & Remaja, Pulau Pinang 2008
Venue : Auditorium P.Ramlee, Penang, Malaysia
Time : Event begins at 2:00PM onwards
Date : 14th August 2008

"The problem facing abstract theatre, then, is that you can't just have actors declaim nonsense and manipulate styrofoam because (a) this is obviously not real-world behavior and (b) there is no apparent way to otherwise decode such random behavior on the fly. Absent a long tradition of styrofoam manipulation, this sort of thing can never be theatrical. It may (or, in this case, may not) be possible to read this sort of thing as dance, but it can never become behavior which, I am arguing, is the fundamental constituent unit of theatre. From which it follows that abstract theatre can only be rendered from abstract (or, to be more accurate, non-representational yet seemingly "meaningful") behavior."
- Jeffrey M. Jones
What is abstract thetre?
-2 years ago by -Poison Ivy

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Abstract theatre based on improvising (like in the movie “She’s All That”). Everything in the abstract theatre is metaphorical and usually undefined, left for interpretation by the audience. Everyone has their own view of what a production or improvisation actually meant. Abstract theatre is always on the edge. It can push boundaries, experiment with the extreme, find new ways of doing things, evoke strange and different reactions.
-2 years ago by -mara
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by pullmyfi...
I think it is an abstract performance that consists of a series of different phases where the movement artists respond to the music, the musicians respond to the visuals and the visuals respond to it all to meld the performance into a whole. Everyone involved will be improvising and interacting with one another like a conversation but there’ll be no dialogue.Is that correct?
-2 years ago by -pullmyfi..

This is GREAT, We will try to perform our 1st Draft of The Abstarct Theatre tis Thursday at P.Ramlee auditorium at 2:00PM.

Sketch Tittle: "Don't Hurt me anymore, please" (Jangan Sakiti ku lagi, Tolonglah) [preview & synopsis]
Time: 2:00PM
Venue: P.Ramlee Auditorium
Event: Festival Theatre event for Teenage & Children, Penang State Level, Malaysia
Date: 14th August 2008

Synopsis & Messege
-Dimensi yang membutakan mata
-Yellow Culture
-Devil Advocate
-Laskar Cinta (The warrior of Love)
-Culture & Arts that faded away
-Alhamdulillah (Thank God)
-Don't hurt me anymore, please.. (Jangan Sakiti ku lagi..Tolonglah)
-What Shall we do?

See you there!

All the BEST!

Love, Laugh, LiveLife & Play


butaseni said...

yeah yeah ill be there.tq

artsoul said...

thanks for the info..i'll make myself available on that nite...

artsoul said...

alamak,the show start at 2pm untill???

Anonymous said...

ngGhhehehe (Smiling and laughing together at the same time.)

Dear artsoul & butaseni & friends,

KeKKwA Penang, MAL, will be having their "Children & Teenage Theatre Festival 2008"
for two (2) days stating from:
14th August 2008, 2:00PM to 5:00pm.
15th August 2008, 2:00PM
(2:30-Friday prayer, i guess) to 5:00PM

Our Play was scheduled on the opening which is on the 14th August 2008.

The event was not only for theatre, but it is also include dancing (Wan's & Razak's School- to confirm) and other performances.

3 Play will be put up as preview on that day which is:

1)"Karma"-The Musical - Elena
2)Teluk Kumbar - Hamzah Shariff
3)"Jangan sakitiku lagi- The Abstract - Zul

I am not sure what Hamzah Shariff will do, but i will update you guys later.

We wish all of you would,could and can be there, because as scheduled, all the OTAI from KekKwA KL/SEL HQ will be there as well.

See ya' all there.

Love, Laugh, LiveLife & Play,

Anonymous said...

OK, Just confirmed with Zahir (KekkWa Png.),

"The Teenage & Children Theatre Festival 2008" was confirmed
on the 14th & 15th August 2008.
The event (majlis rasmi) will be start at:
2:00pm on THURSDAY and
3:00pm on FRIDAY.

Thank you.

Love, Laugh, LiveLive & Play,

Anonymous said...


"The Abstract Theatre- jangan Sakitiku lagi" -Preview ini mengetengahkan maksud lagu dan puisi yang dibawa oleh:

1. Dian Sastro
2. Alhamdulillah - Too Phat
3. Laskar Cinta Chapter One(Warrior of Love) -Dewa.
4. Laskar Cinta Chapter Two - Dewa
5. Emotional Love Song - Dewa
6. Terima Kasih - Dikir Barat

See you all there.

Love, Laugh, LiveLife & Play,

Pegawai Khalwat said...

Nice play, good effort.

Since PFS already successfully made a full scale production last year.

You guys should go for a full scale production too.

Show it to the world!