Thursday, August 7, 2008

There is a path...

There is a path...

There is a path that will take you exactly where you want to go.
That path is there, in everyone’s life, but too often goes undiscovered. It can get overgrown with distractions and can become hard to find if our time is spent on too many other things.
Don’t be one of those who forgets about its existence.

Even though the road will never appear on any map, you will find your way there.
Your inner strength, your instincts, and your growing understanding will walk along beside you. As your grey days disappear in the distance, each new joy will leave behind an old sorrow, and, at the close of each new day, every lesson learned and each question answered will take you to the beginning of a brighter tomorrow. There is a path...
-Mr.C & Ms.E


There is a path...




artsoul said...

yup...there is a path, do we have to use our own conscience to follow the path?

Anonymous said...

Dear Artsoul,

There are 3 main element in our self.
The psychology ID, EGO & SELF.

SELF is the conscience. Conscience is an internal recognition of standards of right & wrong in the individual judges his or her conduct.

Well, EGO is a good term or positive function in humanity psychological jargon.(refer: Sigmund Freud)

ID, the most primitive part.Operates the pleasure principle.(refer:Sigmund Freud)

Jadi, kalau kita bicarakan semuanya ini didalam istilah melayunya pula,
ID itu boleh kita katakan yang ianya sama dengan Nafsu,
EGO itu pula pada akal fikiran yang waras dan
SELF sama dengan pertimbangan diri dikuti dengan "inner guide" atau "keimanan".

SELF, "the conscience" itu adalah pertimbangan yang waras dengan sebaik-baiknya dibantu oleh keimanan diri atau "the inner guide".

Then, the path, will always be there as long as you believe in it.

Hope it helps.

Love, Laugh, LiveLife & Play,