Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"remember when..."

Beloved students,

Promise you'll "remember when..." and have times you'll always "look forward to...".
Have a daily conversation with your heart and soul.

Take wonderful care... of “you”.
In the course of time, you will be reminded
that hard work gets good results
and that keeping healthy is essential.
Know when to work your mind
and let your body relax,
and know when doing just the opposite makes the most sense.
Being able to handle whatever life brings your way is not a matter of coincidence.
In time, your guiding lights will take you where you want to go.
In time, the days that now seem so difficult will be more gentle.
They'll be more forgiving...
more understanding...
more comforting and calm.
You desire serenity, and serenity will come.
You dream of leaving hard times behind,
and your belief will find itself justified.
As you move ahead,
don't be afraid to do what you once thought impossible,
even if others don't think you'll succeed. Remember that history is filled with the incredible accomplishments
of those who were foolish enough... to BELIEVE!
-Love, Mr.C & Ms.E


Poh Sim said...

This is just the inspirational post that I needed. I get really emotional sometimes I think I've got a depression disorder or something and frequently get anxiety attacks. I guess everyone has their own darker demons to battle but as time passes by, we just have to remember to be strong and remember that it's just another day. One day when it's all over, we will reminisce and say "remember when..." .

My bro use to tell me whatever that doesn't kill us will only make us stronger. =)


zulabdulrahman said...

i do!

Salam hormat dan salam ramadhon.

Tumpang lalu, baru nak mula tulis kat Blog. Nak jadi Bloggers Jugakkk.. Buleh noo?

What's up guys? Apa habaq?