Saturday, April 18, 2009

Festival Teater Pulau Pinang

Festival Teater Kanak-kanak dan Remaja Pulau Pinang, 2008
by Zarif & Brenda

'Festival teater Kanak-kanak dan Remaja 2008' was held in Auditorium P.Ramlee, Penang.
The House of Theatre Society members were invited to perform a play entitled 'Karma'.
Those who were involved with the play started practising after reaching school at 7 a.m.

After 2 hours of practice, the casts of Karma put on their bold theatre make up. We went on the bus at 11 a.m and reached Auditorium P.Ramlee an hour later. At 1p.m, the casts were getting dressed up and putting the final touches while our supporters took turns caring for the props used for the play.

A variety of performances such as choir and traditional dance were performed as well. At 2 p.m, we were given food and drinks for lunch. At 3.30p.m, Karma performed exclusively in front of about 200 individuals including the KeKkWa Director form Putrajaya, JKKN Penang Director and other VIP.
It received loud applauses from an amount of crowd that were present on that day. The crowd was amused and delighted by the performance. We went back at about 6.30 p.m and were pleased with our performance.

Picture By HOTS Crew,
Artical by Zarif & Brenda
Edited by Miss E