Monday, September 29, 2008

Gifts for the unfortunate...Charity Time!!!...

Yes!!! Finally, its done... :)
Gifts for the unfortunate. We love it.

We are giving some 'self-home-made' hampers this year to the orphans and for the unfortunate. We would like to expressed our heartiest appreciation to our beloved Great Coach & Teacher who make our dream come true.

Thank you very much as well to all team members, peers, friends, business people, community around us and sponsors. Gifts and hampers collections are also contributed from our theatre show tickets selling during the Merdeka Day Celebrations. Thank you very much.
We love you all.

Sekiranya ada apa-apa cadangan daripada pihak pembaca, samaada cadangan untuk memberikan hadiah atau hamper kepada rumah kanak-kanak yang lain atau sekiranya ada cadangan untuk membantu kami menyumbangkan apa-apa hadiah kepada yang mereka yang tidak bernasib baik, silalah hubungi pihak kami di masa yang akan datang.

Any suggestion or donation, please do not hesitate to contact us at: or

Our dreams comes true. We love you!

Thank you very much!

Love, LiveLife & Play,



zul rahman said...

:) We Love Youuuu...

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beautiful, powerful, unregretful... and thankful

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